Eco Printing Fabric & Paper

Eco dyeing is a natural process of transferring images using organic botanical material (for example: leaves, sticks, seeds, pine needles, acorns, flowers) onto fabric or paper.  Whether the material is steamed or immersed the results are surprising and stunning dependent on the elements in the water.  Factors include:   PH, type of paper or fabric, mordants used (vinegar, black walnuts, rust, other ingredients) and the plants themselves.  Natural fibers such as 100% silk, cotton and linen accept the pigments of the organic materials well; the process yielding unique works of art.

My silk scarves are available in Saluda, NC at the Heartwood Gallery, 21 East Main Street, 828-749-9365, and at the Tryon Painters & Sculptors Gallery on Main Street in Tryon, NC,  

If you would like to learn how to eco dye or purchase a scarf online please Email me on the Contact Page.